Part B2
Conditions of Hire. 

Please read the following points carefully.

When the community hall is booked you are agreeing to the following conditions of hire.
This is to ensure that the centre is kept safe and ina good condition for other users. If these conditions are not adhered to you may be asked to leave the centre and further bookings may not be accepted.

1.Bookings can be cancelled up to seven days in advance with a full refund.There will be no refund if the cancellation is made after this time. 

2. The person making the booking must be over 18 years of age. This person is required to be on site at all times during the booking,as the responsible adult. 

3. If the centre is hired on behalf of an organisation,the above point still applies,the organisation becomes jointly liable with the person making the booking. 

4. The booking will become definite once the full payment is made,including any deposit. 

5. We ask that local residents are respected when the centre is in use - we reserve the right to cancel or terminate the booking if this request is not observed. 

6.Decorations,signs or other similar items should not be attached to the walls or other surfaces of the building. If decorations etc are required seek advice from us,thank you. 

7. Food preparation in the kitchen is not permitted,the kitchen facilities are only for the making of tea and coffee. 

8. You are asked to leave the centre in a clean and tidy state. Thank you for ensuring that floors are swept and all equipment is left in the place/sate it was found on arrival. 

9. If you wish to bring your own equipment into the centre you are responsible for making sure it is safe and complies with all relevant safety laws. The trustees are not responsible for any incidents/accidents which occur as a result of your own equipment. 

10. The BRCC insurance does not cover any claims resulting from problems with your own equipment. You are thus advised to take out your own insurance for any such incident/accident.

11. Compliance with the fire and safety regulations - as detailed in the centre is essential.On arrival,familiarise yourself with these regulations, ensuring that the designated person clearly understands the emergency procedures.

12.          Alcohol is not permitted on the premises. 

13.          BBQs are not allowed. 

14.          Smoking is not permitted within any part of the building 

15.          There will be a minimum charge of £50 charge for any damage caused, or 
additional cleaning required - after the period of hire. Signed by the Hirer

Details of Charges: 

Up to 2 hours: £20

Half a day: £35

Full Day: £80

In addition to this, bookings for parties are subject to £50 fully refundable deposit, to be returned providing the community centre is left as it was found on arrival.

The Charges set out above are for the financial year 2018/2019. The Committee reserves the right to change these charges without prior notice.

if the total amount due is more than £50 a 10% deposit will be required, with the balance paid at least 10 days before your event.

If the total amount due is less than £50, you will be expected to pay the full amount least 10 days before your event.

If your boring is made 10 days or less prior to your event you will be required to pay the total amount due immediately.  

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